A Moment of Honesty

The purpose of this blog is to share my love of fashion but also to encourage. To encourage is to be honest about struggles and successes so that we can all manage the way ahead. In times of struggle, it is important to surround yourself with good words and love. It doesn’t just take a strong willed dreamer to stick it out, but a strong and grounded person.

These past couple days I am reminded that life is beautiful, but it is also short. Where we focus our energy only shows where our heart is. Life is a gift but we do not know how long we will have it for.

Tomorrow is not certain and when we are faced with the end and we look back on what we achieved or didn’t achieve, will we be proud of the person we became? Will we be proud of how many we helped along the way? Will we have changed this world in any way? Will we be changed?

As I continue to share my love for fashion and love for opening the eyes to others’ beauty, I know I will continue to be faced with heartache and doubt. But I know my heart is where it needs to be. We are all different, and all have different dreams and paths. We can be used in many different ways and I encourage you to act it out. You are precious to this world and intended for good. I pray that you seek your difference and help others as we all seek our own calling. Continue to do great things and spread the love.


“Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither.”

-C. S. Lewis