DIY Joshua Sanders

Who doesn’t love a good Look for Less? As a fan of all things fancy, I’ve learned that not everything has to break the budget. These faux Joshua Sanders’ sneakers are one great (and adorable) example showing that it doesn’t have to take much out of the wallet to rock a look. I was on the search for an extremely affordable sneaker and I stumbled upon these black plain sneakers. Ready for it? They were $12! In that case, I decided to buy two pairs! The next step was to find iron on bold letters that would resemble the original pair. Michael’s had multiple colored iron-on letters that were only $1.99 each. Naturally, I purchased the letters ‘N’ and ‘Y’ in both black and red so I could transform the shoes that I purchased, while also having different options. The next step is to remove the letters from its packaging and place it on to the shoe. (NOTE: Make sure the colored letter you chose is being placed on the correct shoe!) As far as adhesive, you can either apply fabric glue or iron on the initials. I would not recommend combining the two. By using the adhesive and the iron together, you’re left with a hot mess. Whichever method you choose, be sure to use a sturdy clamp to hold the initials in place, allowing them to dry and mold onto the shoe. Once completely cooled or dried, woo-la-la, you have adorable sneakers reppin’ your city in style!