Be Kind

Being kind isn’t just about smiling at a stranger, letting someone cut in front of you in dead-stopped traffic, or simply opening the door for the person behind you knowing they’ll steal that spot ahead of you in that extremely long line you’re walking towards. Even though all these are admirable choices that you should continue to make, the true test of character is giving when we have little. It is in those moments as we struggle, when we choose to sacrifice to help someone we may not even know, to give when we don’t have much means that when we do have much, we will continue to give and can

then give on a greater scale. These two special charities are foundations that I personally believe in and support, Kids Alive and KLove. Check them out to see the positive impact they are making on people’s lives! Whether you join me in this movement to give to either of these honorable organizations, or choose to give to a charity of your own. My wish, beyond anything else, is to remember to give to others. Let us come together and change the direction that this society is heading towards and remember to share love, no matter where you are in life, because, WE matter.