Style Me!

As a stylist, I am here to not only guide you in a confident direction, but also offer my professional stylish services! Get the chance to hire ME as YOUR Personal Stylist. In need of some advice, a complete wardrobe transformation, and closet intervention or have no time to shop at all? I am here to help!

Bold Choice – Consultation
The Consultation, let’s chat, let’s discuss what it is you really want! I’m dying to learn what you’re all about. This is the part where I learn about YOU! And to guide you in the direction to be how you were created to be! No need for sweat or tears, we got this!

Totally PolishedShopping Buddy
Who doesn’t love a girlfriend to shop with! This day out is purely focused on you and you alone. Put on or shed a few pounds? Just broke up with your boyfriend? Have a new job interview? I got you. Let’s plan a date. I will help create outfits that not only flatter your figure but exude an abundance of confidence and swag!

For The Socialite – Solo Shopping
Yes! I even have a service for you! Have way too many appointments overlapping on your schedule? Need some help but literally have no time whatsoever. Have no fear, Style With A Kiss is here. I do this for a living, remember? I can shop for you without you even being there! Even this, you can squeeze into your busy schedule.

Someone Call For An Intervention? – Organize Your World
ATTENTION, All clothes hoarders! Hey, it happens, no judgment here. I appreciate a good love for clothing too. Let me completely take over your closet from head to toe. Questioning a few pieces? I’m only a call away.  We will color coordinate, organize by sleeve length, you know, the works.

Touch It Up – Makeover Magic
Saw this adorable hair style on Pinterest? Dying over the latest Vogue cosmetic issue but can’t seem to connect the dots? Surprise!! I’m not only experienced in clothing but I also know a thing or two about beauty. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! I can do your hair and makeup too!

House Calls – I Come to You
Love your own wardrobe and need help styling what you already have in your closet? Watch as I establish new and inventive ways to wear your own clothes! Can’t say I didn’t warn you, but you will be amazed.

Snap It & Match It – Photo Shoot Styling
Calling all photo-shoots! Need a professional stylist to style a shoot? My resources and experienced skills are ready to go! Check out my Work section. I got a few years under my belt.

The Works – Personal Styling, at your Service
Have a special occasion that’s in your near future. Don’t stress, let the professional handle this. Red carpets, awards ceremonies, events, mother of the bride, the list goes on and I’ve done it all. Allow me to be your very own, personal stylist.

Contact me for pricing and scheduling and let’s start your journey to STYLISH! I can’t wait to help you in whatever way you need!