Well hello, beautiful!

My name is Kristen Golembeski, the girl behind Style With A Kiss. This blog is the culmination of a lot of sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears. I am thankful for the past 14 years in the fashion industry, for it has allowed me to be able to live out my dream. After I received my B.S. in Fashion Design and Production, I pounded the pavement on the streets of New York City, seeking to clothe the world in style. What I ended up discovering was myself, while understanding that without a sense of worth, it is easy to be trampled over in this world. It was also quickly revealed to me that I am not the only one with a dream, that I am not the only one who wants to see it come alive. It wasn’t long before I was hit in the face with the reality that I needed to understand my true worth, my true beauty and my true identity.

In a world filled with unlimited personalities, it is easy to get lost. Once I really started to seek the truth, I realized that my dream was intended for good. The best part about what I do is teaching all the gorgeous ladies out there that they are worthy and that they were fearfully and wonderfully made. Fashion is a beautiful tool that has allowed me to be a vessel to bless others in sharing the truth of beauty. We all matter. I welcome you to follow me as I continue to publically share my own version of a Fashion blog with a personal stylist twist! Enjoy and remember that your dreams are possible, too.