Shop Vegan

Sous Sus Designs reached out to me a couple months ago to introduce their vastly creative and up-and-coming line of accessories. Sous Sus’ designer called me to introduce herself and explain the heart behind her designs. Let me just vouch for her and share that she is an incredible woman. Her products are intended for a greater good. LOVE THAT! (And it doesn’t hurt that the products are super fly too.) A week or two after my call, I was sent this beautiful vegan clutch and I immediately became a lover of their products! Sous Sus uses vegan materials and products to construct their vegan bags and belts. At first, before seeing their line of designs, I doubted on how real a vegan bag could really look. The moment I opened my FedEx box and got the opportunity to see the bag and touch it in person, I was simply blown away. Not only did it look and feel real, the hardware of their product was incredible. I’ve seen, styled and bought thousands of low and high end bags, real and fake (sorry, I am not sorry), and I had no idea that vegan material could be this fabulous! If any of you are looking to shop sustainably, this is the brand I suggest you try! Which, by the way, you all should every now and then! And with the holidays coming, it also translates to a special and fabulous gift idea!!