Kisses, from St. Maarten!

Who doesn’t love a sweet escape from our everyday lives to explore the seas of the Caribbean? St. Maarten is one of my favorite vacation spots. (I mean really, what is there not to like, right?) The beaches are beautiful with crisp clear blue water and soft white sand. I adore the tents and stands filled with handmade clothes and souvenirs. (Don’t be afraid of trying out some of your negotiating skills either.)

One of my favorite parts about staying in a resort or villa is that you often get your own kitchen and dining area. As much as I love eating out and walking around town, sometimes it’s nice to gather around your friends and family and share a meal that you cook with items picked from the local market. It also allows you to save some money with a lot more intimate conversation in the comfort of your own temporary home.

Make sure to get to know the staff at your resorts and the fellow annual tourists, it is through those connections that you gain insight of what sights and restaurants you need to make time for! Plus it’s a great way to meet interesting people that will most likely add to your experience. Don’t just take my word for it, use your vacation days that you have been hoarding and venture off to the beautiful island and see for yourself!