One Clique Launch

If you haven’t yet heard or seen me raving about this company and its innovative design to change the way we all wear shoes, then take a moment now! It is not only something to be aware of, but also to invest in! My friend Stefani Tsakos co-founder of One Clique, has been a friend for many years. Knowing her, I am not surprised to have witnessed the brand boom as quickly as it did, which seems to have happened over night! One Clique is a complete success that is currently shaking up the fashion industry. I was honored to be a part of their launch party a couple of months ago, witnessing all their hard work. It was thrilling. The idea behind their shoes is incredible. To sum it up, it’s a one “Clique” wonder! You can completely transform your entire look, day to night, with literally the SAME shoe! All it is, is the “clique” of the heels, detaching and attaching different bottoms. Maybe, I start off my day feeling in the mood for a wedge. Hours later, I have a date! “Shoot! I can’t wear my day wedge to dinner!” Not a problem, One Clique just saved the day and it’s only a clique away! All you have to do is wear that SAME shoe but detach your wedge and watch as it transforms into a heel! It’s easy to transport place to place, hiding in your purse, without looking like a bag lady carrying all your shoe options in an extra carry on! It’s really that simple, they’re brilliant.

I am beyond thrilled to share that I will also be collaborating with One Clique as a Sole Sister. Stay tuned as I will continue to share fun looks, favorite shoes and so much, much more about this brand and our collaboration! Be excited, because I know I am!