Love, from St. Louis!

St Louis is quite a beautiful city filled with tons to do!! While visiting there, I was overloaded with the multitude of options to venture off and do. St. Louis has some of the most adorable restaurants that I wish I could stop into every day! Half & Half is a darling spot to eat breakfast or brunch. Their blazing culinary skills literally leave you with wanting more, even on a full stomach! Make sure you try the doughnuts, pour-over coffee, and fried egg sandwich. Undoubtedly, The Rooster Café is another impressive breakfast spot. Be prepared to wait in line, as it’s a popular choice in St. Louis. Don’t worry, it is worth the wait, trust me! And while you are waiting, go ahead and walk down the street to try some gooey butter cake, a St. Louis classic, at Park Avenue Coffee.

One place that I can’t stop blabbing about is Taste. It was, unquestionably, one of the best dinner spots I have visited in a while. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area! Their cocktails are all delicious and they have a good happy hour deal as well. The pumpkin gnocchi stole my heart. Other orders at the table included Mussels with Thai Chili, Brick Chicken with pan jus, and a Pork Bacon Burger. It was all divine.

For my beer lovers, there are countless craft breweries that will definitely please your hoppy hobby. Some of my favorite breweries were The Civil Life Brewing Company, Urban Chestnut Brewing Company and Ferguson Brewing Company. These are a couple of fun spots to gather with friends and family while getting a gist of what St. Louis is all about.

During the day, especially with little ones, the City Museum is a must on the list of places to go while in St. Louis. It was a complete blast! There is so much adventure to seek within the whole museum, whether in caves, slides, fish tanks, a roof top Ferris wheel and view, a bar for the adults or just a cute little gift shop, this place is packed with fun. I literally spent hours in this place with my cousins and family (of all ages) laughing and playing around! Truly, it was one of my favorite spots in St. Louis.

Finally, for anyone who visits St. Louis, you just have to visit the infamous Arch. I suggest visiting right before sunset. Take a seat and enjoy the view, trust me. These are just a few fun suggestions on how to capture this beautiful city, one that I now surely love!