Digital Stylist Network

Check out my Q+A with the Digital Stylist Network, and my Personal Stylist Profile!

Q: How did you get into styling?

I went to college for fashion. I always thought I would be a designer. But I ended up falling into a PR agency afterwards which ended up being good for me because stylists were always coming into our showroom. I worked as an assistant stylist and then I fell into working with INTERMIX. I still maintain all of the relationships I’ve built up until this point.

Q: Would you say networking is important in this industry?

Beyond. But it’s a very visual industry. How uniquely you dress is important.

Q: What inspires you?

Color to me is so inspirational. I have this infatuation with color. If you can’t afford expensive fabric, the right color can make something look expensive. And I love people watching and the way people put outfits together.

Q: Can you talk about where you work, INTERMIX?

It’s a high-end boutique but beyond Bloomingdale’s. They pick up not so well known designers. I work one on one with customers. I bring them to life. I’ll make you look like a million bucks even if you don’t spend $100. Fashion should make you feel good, not bring you down. 93 percent is in-store styling and 7 percent is shipping stuff to clients from our website for events and things.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

I love mixing styles. Like grungy mixed with a classic look. I follow trends but I like to create my own style. I love feeling feminine. Sporty feminine. I’m going to force myself into a good mood just by the outfit I’m wearing.

Q: What trend are you loving right now?

Crop tops. A lot of people are taken back by the crop top. But I can get a woman in her 70s into one without showing skin by wearing layering pieces. And I love distressed jeans like a ripped boyfriend jean.

Q: Would you ever consider getting into design again?

If I do, I don’t want to leave one category out. I want to design men’s, women’s, children’s, plus size, etc. But my styling career is so busy right now.