Tis’ the Season of giving! Have a ton of gifts to wrap but don’t want to spend a fortune on wrapping? I have a couple of ideas for you! First, I love finding wrapping paper at discount stores. HomeGoods is where I found this bark-like paper, it was only $2.99 for the entire roll. Second, I went to T.J.Maxx for the roll of ribbon. There were multiple kinds of twine to choose from, ranging from thick to thin. The ribbon I chose was $6.99 and something that you can keep for multiple DIY projects, a great item to have available for you at all crafty times! Also, I love to attach little goodies onto each gift to complete the package. If your gift is for a child, candy can even be used to decorate the package as an added treat. On this package, I went to a dollar store and purchased a gold flower ornament! The greenery ($1.50) adds a special touch to the package AND to your giftee’s tree, after the unwrapping-mayhem! I love any discount and dollar store during the holidays. It is such a wonderland of cheap ideas to add sweet touches to your gifts! Lastly, a special hand written card is always an adorable touch that will mean so much to the receiver. So don’t forget, this is the season of sharing love, but it doesn’t have to eat up your bank account!



Pajama Set: SPLENDID