Chevron + Fur

Let’s talk FUR!  It is a great way to bundle up this winter! Whether it is faux or the real deal, the added layer can completely transform your outfit. You can wear it as the main focal point of your look or just wear a small touch of it (i.e. Scarf, gloves, vest etc.). Whatever route you take, the furry texture can completely enhance a plain look to complete glam in a matter of seconds. One of my all-time favorite fur pieces is this THEORY-Cassius Tersk Fur Jacket. This fab chevron detail can be easily styled, due to its complimentary neutral colors, with an endless amount of outfits. When investing in a fur, look at the shade of it, do not let the fur overpower you but instead magnify you! Now, go get some, you’ll look Fur-tastic!


Cassius Tersk Fur Jacket : THEORY 

Top: A.L.C.


Shoes: RAG & BONE