Black Tie Optional Wedding; NEWPORT, RI

Happy Monday my beautiful friends! Oh, what an incredible weekend I had at my friend’s wedding up in Newport, RI. There is so much love in the air there, you literally can feel it. At my sweet friend’s wedding, I was able to reunite with so many wonderful close friends from many walks of life, from Christian camp to College and some how, in this small world, they were blended into one memborable weekend! My insanely stunning bride of a friend and her now husband, had their ceremony at the popular and gorgeous Belle Mer : Longwood Venue.  It being a black tie optional attire, I chose to have a little unexpected fun with my look. Choosing a floor length mermaid hem, bold color, cut out dress, I wanted to dress it down a bit and add a touch of beach flare to the final look with a four tiered multi-color fabric tassel earrings and a side braid. (Which ended up being a brilliant idea, humidity and an outstanding amount of waterfront winds from the view, my look was able to last! KEY MOVE to a waterfront wedding) When dressing for a black tie wedding or even a black tie optional wedding, you do not always have to be “serious” with your look and always wear black, have some fun with it! Make sure your look reflects who you are, do not let the look wear you, but allow YOU to wear the look! As always, if you ever have any questions on what to, how to, or where to wear your outfits, send over a email! I’m here to help expand your options and ideas!

Dress: ASOS- Havana Tie Bow Front Maxi Dress



Earrings: (BOUTIQUE FIND) similar recommendations KATE SPADE EARRING, MISA EARRING