Resort Style

Some of my favorite summer styled looks are DRESSES! To me, there is nothing better than to throw on a maxi dress in the dead heat of summer. It is so easy, so quick and you’re guaranteed to always look styled with the simplest effort. Dresses also have a way of making it always “trouble-free” to carry your day look into night without much thought, at all. Choose your favorite straw hat, sunnies, blush and you’re good to go! While traveling, I love to find little boutiques. It’s fun to find pieces that not everyone has, clothing is like an art to me. The pieces I find, they all have a story to them. Whether it be where I found them, the time of my life it was or the people I met while shopping. Each piece is like a little gem to me, full of love and cheer. This fun white embroidered maxi was from a little boutique I shopped at when I was in Newport, RI. I visited my friends at Kristina Richards and found this cute little number. Have more questions of what to wear during this summer or where to find some other maxi’s? Email me, I’m always here to help!


Sunnies: QUAY