Waiting For The Rain

Hi friends!!

Today, I was talking with a dear friend, earlier. I shared with them a movie clip of a scene that has always been a favorite of mine. In the hopes that someone just might need to read and watch this, I wanted to encourage you (or them):

For anyone who is in search of some changes or an answer to a prayer or a request; shift your gear and start EXPECTING to receive your answer or your solution. “Prep your land before you can see the rain” (or in this case, whatever you are praying/seeking for). Sometimes in life, we can’t just sit around and wait for our answer(s) to come, but we have to start preparing to receive whatever we’re asking for, BEFORE we can even see the fruit of it! So to whom this may hit a nerve with today, there is hope for you and your requests, but shift your gears out of neutral and push it in drive. Expecting is a trait of Faith. I get “excited” in my spirit whenever I ask the Lord for something, because I know He ALWAYS answers. Even if I do not get my answer right away (and lets be real, He never works on our time schedule, because His ways are ALWAYS higher than our ways (Isaiah 55:8-9) and He’s a teaching, loving Father) I still keep asking because I’m EAGER to see what the Lord is in the midst of doing.

Recently, I started reading the book of Genesis, again. God reminded me of Abraham’s assistant. When Abraham was very old in age, (after his wife Sarah had died), he commanded his senior assistant to go on a search of a wife for his son, Isaac. Abraham was very specific in his details to his assistant of where to NOT go in the search and even made his servant swear on his (Abraham’s) thigh that he would follow his instructions. As the assistant was out on the search, he started to pray in specific details for Isaac’s wife. In Genesis 24:15, it even states, “BEFORE HE HAD FINISHED PRAYING, Rebekah came out with her jar on her shoulder.

Rebekah, who ended up being Isaac’s wife, came out in plain sight, in front of Abraham’s assistant BEFORE he was finished praying! To top it off, the EXACT detailed prayer the assistant had JUST prayed was the EXACT answer that he received, every little detail of it. (Check out Genesis 24:12-20) Which only means, God hears our prayers and wants us to be detailed in our prayers and our requests because He wants to show off His Glory to us and provide for us, because after all, He IS our Father!

You see, this all makes me feeling EXPECTANT to see what God is going to do, even if it’s in the last hour of our cry or decision making, because I truly do believe He’s going to show up. He always does, I’ve witnessed it time after time, again. (And it NEVER gets old!) I expect it. I have faith that you, too will witness your answer. Just hang in there, a little bit longer and I promise, you will be amazed and NOT disappointed, but keep in mind, His timing is, His timing. Not ours. Even if it’s inconvenient to our time table. He’s never late, never early. But always on time!!

I’ll be praying for you, praying that God shows up, and shows off His Mercy, Favor, Grace and His GLORY over what ever it is that you are praying for!!! He’s God after all. Just be expectant.

And finally, for the last bit of encourage on this topic, here is the movie scene that I love from the movie, “Facing The Giants”